Pristine 1976 Mustang II Ghia

Currently available to rent for your photo shoot, music video, film shoot or the like is this “little jewel”, 1976 Mustang II Ghia. As then Ford president, Lee Iacocca claimed, the Mustang II “was the right car for the right time”.

Even though Ford sold over 1 million of these cars from 1974 to 1978, they are now oh so rare. This California native “baby” Mustang is a sweetheart of a coupe, and photographs beautifully (especially against the desert backdrop) in its soothing creamy yellow and tan colors. We love this little car to pieces and will only consider rentals where we are the driver. Since we are located in the Palm Springs area, we prefer to stay in this area, however may consider outside the area, too.

If you are looking for a 70’s vintage classic and not one that you will see everywhere else, then this Mustang II is the one for you! It draws so much attention wherever we go!

Rental type:
Self Drive
With a Driver
Display (Photoshoots, Media & Corporate use)
Location: Palm Springs
Body type:
Station Wagon
Transmission: Automatic
Listing created Dec 7, 2019