Our 4 lovely old ladies have been part of our family for several decades.

1955 Century Buick – This green and white convertible was purchased brand new off the showroom floor in 1955 by our Dad, Roscoe Batchelor, for $4,799.00. His payments were $98.00 per month and he said that was hard. He was single with no children and always said this car was the most fun out of all the cars he ever owned. She’s was his favorite.

He’d race it on the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles, CA before it was in operation to the public against other guys. When the top was down he said girls would throw their phone numbers over in it. She was a chic magnet.

He met our Mom, Rosie Batchelor, dated her then married her owning this car; brought all three of his baby girls home from the hospital in this car; and we learned how to drive in this car around the age of 14. Kids could learn to drive at young ages back then.

The 1956 Buick This Salmon and Cream beauty was purchased in derelict condition by our Dad in 1991. She was so ugly that we named her Josephine only because the name Christine was taken by the devil car featured in a horror movie back in the 70s. She was purchased as a project hobby for our Dad to keep busy after he retired and once he finished restoring her she turned out to be absolutely beautiful.

1957 Ford Panel Truck P100 – A soft olive green color was purchased in derelict condition too, and the vision for her was to be used in a side meat business that my Dad owned. We were so little when he purchased her that we were able to stand up in the back of the van and play. Thus she became our playhouse. He restored her to a good condition where she’d be presentable to customers. When he took her away on business we were a bit disturbed. After he passed we had her re-painted, had the interior done, and she’s beautiful.

1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille – This cream vehicle with navy blue interior was purchased in 1967 the same year our Parents purchased their first home. She replaced the 1955 Century Buick taking my Dad to and from work every day 30 miles one way. He enjoyed the smooth ride, the cool air conditioning, and plush leather seats.

We have had a great time renting these cars, met awesome people, and we are very proud of our gorgeous old ladies.

Thanks to our Dad and Mom, Roscoe and Rosie Batchelor.

Very sincerely yours,

Teresa, Patricia, and Lisa
The Batchelor Girls

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Everything with the car and owner was great. Smooth process and looking forward to working together again.

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The car was immaculate! Perfect edition to my pinup shoot. Would 100% use again

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Excellent rental!

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