1955 Cadillac Coupe deVille in LAS VEGAS

Viva Las Vegas! Elvis and Vegas are like peanut butter & naner' sandwiches! Why not cruise Vegas is one of the King's favorite cars??? We are proud to offer this beautifully restored 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Let driving this piece of American history be the pinnacle of your Vegas vacation or wedding. This car is stunning and unlike anything you can rent in Las Vegas.


You are 100% responsible for the care and safety of the vehicle and its occupants. You are personally and financially responsible for any and all damages or injuries to the vehicle, its occupants or property whether covered by your insurance or not. Since this is a specialty car rental, it is highly recommended that you confirm coverage with your insurance company.

US RESIDENTS: You are required to show or valid US drivers license and proof of full coverage automobile insurance prior to picking up the car.

FOREIGN VISITORS: You are required to show your international drivers license. You are also required to purchase insurance through our provider. Rates may vary. Please email us for a quote.

Our rentals are for 24 hours. Pick up and drop off are at our location very close to the Strip area. Hours are 8:00am - 4:30pm.

A $500 pre-authorization to your credit card is required at time of delivery. This is to cover any incidental charges during your rental. This includes fuel, damage and cleaning fees.

We will need you for about 30 minutes prior to pick up. We like to familiarize you with driving a classic car and take you on a quick test drive.

Due to hot summer temperatures, we highly recommend that you DO NOT cruise the Las Vegas Strip from noon until 7:00pm. Classic vehicles are not engineered to run in stop and go traffic when it is hot outside. There is an increased chance of overheating and breakdown.

The vehicle cannot sit at idle for long periods of time. Please shut it off to help prevent overheating and save fuel.

Under no circumstances can the vehicle be driven off the paved road. This includes dirt roads, gravel roads, dry lake beds etc. If it is returned with dirty or dusty tires, you will be charged a full detail fee. You will be responsible for any towing costs should the vehicle get stuck off road.

Vehicle cannot taken outside of the State of Nevada. The vehicle has a GPS tracker and it's location may be monitored during the rental.

The vehicle cannot be used to transport passengers or cargo for hire. It cannot be used for towing. It cannot be used for a test, race or contest.

You must inform us if the vehicle is to be used for commercial use including TV/movie production or commercial photography. We reserve the right to approve the vehicle for such usage.

There is no smoking in the vehicle.

The vehicle will be delivered to you washed & vacuumed. It needs to be returned in similar condition. You will be charged an additional cleaning fee if the car needs to be washed upon return. The car cannot be run in a machine car wash. They are not designed to wash vintage vehicles. Machine car washes pose a serious risk of damaging the vehicle's paint and/or trim!!

The renter is not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving the vehicle.

Vehicle is to carry no more than four passengers. The front and rear seats have only lap belts.

We reserve the right to cancel the reservation if we feel that the renter is not comfortable driving the vehicle. This also includes bad weather or extreme heat.

Vehicle must be returned with the same fuel level as when picked up.

It must be returned clean or cleaning fees will be charged.

The Cadillac is a great running and driving classic car. However, it is 65 years old!! In order to keep it running great, we continually perform needed repairs and maintenance. While rare, it sometimes forces us to cancel a reservation. We do our very best to give you as much notice as possible so you may reschedule.

Rental type:
Self Drive
With a Driver
Display (Photoshoots, Media & Corporate use)
Location: Las Vegas
Body type:
Station Wagon
Transmission: Automatic
Listing created May 19, 2020