1973 Chevy Nova SS - Muscle Car

If you're looking for a fast, sexy, loud, head-turning muscle car - this is it!

I've owned it in and around the Los Angeles area and can confirm this car gets more attention than any car I've ever owned. When it's parked in "show off" parking spots next to Ferraris or Lambos, it gets more attention, seriously. Literally at every gas stop or parking lot people will stop and ask you about it or want to race at a stop light. It's loud on purpose and built for speed. It can be a daily driver if you don't mind the crazy MPG.

Stats and Features:

  • Made in Van Nuys, CA at the old GM plant. A California car that has never been subjected to an East Coast winter. RUST FREE.
  • Edelbrock V-8 350 5.7 L engine with 60,000 miles on it
  • Converted to disc brakes
  • MSD 6A high performance ignition system
  • Carburetor has been rebuilt less than 10,000 miles ago
  • Interior has been 100% restored. Very proud of this. Every knob, headliner, mat and belt is restored. New headliner too. Bucket seats.
  • Dynomax Ultra-Flo dual exhaust muffler (LOUD on purpose)
  • Shocks and struts have been replaced
  • Centerline (not copies) rims
  • Hatchback has been completely rebuilt from sculpted metal. Nova enthusiasts know 73-74 were the only hatchback years and that a replacement part is impossible to find. The original had some rust so I rebuilt it at great expense.
  • Comes with an extra MSD ignition box and coil AND a Kenwood DVD/Bluetooth stereo that's in box and uninstalled. $1000 worth of extra good stuff!

What to know:

  • Minor scratches from city driving, very minor but no dents!!
  • Nothing is mechanically wrong with it at all. Runs like a dream. But it has not had a "head to toe" restoration if that's what you're looking for
  • Over $10,000 has been put into it since I got it (as best I can calculate)
  • Has the original AC compressor (top left of engine photo). I should take it out but haven't for whatever reason. It doesn't work but if you're into original parts, it's there.
Rental type:
Self Drive
With a Driver
Display (Photoshoots, Media & Corporate use)
Location: Los Angeles
Body type:
Station Wagon
Transmission: Automatic