1957 Chevy Bel Air

This 1957 Chevy Bel Air is a prime example of one of the most memorable cars in automotive history and is a prime example of the classic American family car.

- The car comes with 50 miles per day ($1.50/mi fee for additional miles driven).
- The owner will require you to pay a deposit before renting this vehicle ($1,000). This deposit is a credit card authorization charged in-person when you pick up the vehicle. When the car is returned without damage, the deposit is returned.

Starting production in 1950, the first generation of Bel Air had a more ‘Hudson Hornet’ vibe to it; the long, flared tailfins and iconic headlamps wouldn’t come along until 1955 with the second generation.

The first generation of Bel Air was not terribly popular but was entirely necessary as a stepping stone to help Chevrolet make the transition from vintage pre-war technology to more modern, post-war technology.

The ’55 Bel Air was introduced with a Ferrari-inspired front grille and received critical acclaim and was widely celebrated. Over the next two years, Chevrolet would go on to revise the car with another new front end with large, thick chrome bumpers and accents.

The ’57 model is the quintessential Bel Air:

It is easily the most recognizable of any model year, and very likely the one most people think of when they think of the Bel Air. This was the year that Chevy perfected the design before immediately changing it again the next model year.

This particular example is the Sport Sedan, which is outshined only by the convertible model in the eyes of collectors and enthusiasts. The Sport Sedan features a two-door coupe design with a full-size rear seat, unlike most modern coupes which feature a 2+2 design.

This mint vintage cruiser is available for hire in the Los Angeles Area and includes 100 free miles.

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And now this quick video presentation of the Chevy Bel Air, enjoy!


Rental type:
Self Drive
With a Driver
Display (Photoshoots, Media & Corporate use)
Location: Los Angeles
Body type:
Station Wagon
Transmission: Automatic
Listing created Jul 29, 2016