1979 Volkswagen Deluxe Westfalia Pop-Top Camper "Rell Sunn"

Please note:

  • This rental includes a minimum statutory liability insurance, vehicle prep, 120 free miles per rental day, and a free parking space at the owner's location.
  • Additional miles are .79/mile per extra mile.
  • If you are looking to do a photo shoot, please ask about our Media rate
  • There is a 5 day minimum for this rental. We can add you to our standby list if you need a shorter rental.

Known by dozens of different names, with dozens of different iterations, the VW Type 2 started off as a mere sketch in 1949, and saw various versions and re-stylings throughout the next few decades and technically, still exists today, albeit in a very different and more modern form.

The Transporter, The Microbus, The Vanagon, and the hippie-mobile are just a few of the names the VW Bus has been called over the years. Many of the more original buses made their way to stateside via the Tourist Delivery Program.

Volkswagen would have customers pick their vehicle up in Germany, drive it around in Europe for a time, then would ship the vehicle to the customer’s home. After the war, American servicemen took advantage of this program and had their vehicles shipped home, ready and waiting for them.

The ideal classic camping machine, the Westfalia pop-up features two sleeping berths (sleeps four adults), a mini-fridge, sink, fresh water tank, propane camping stove, electrical and water hook-ups, and a Smartphone connection point.

This vintage VW Bus is brimming with heart, soul, and character, and would make a perfect road-trip van for couples and families alike!

This classic Westfalia Pop-Top Camper, designated “Westy” by enthusiasts, is available for rent in Orange County and includes 120 free miles per day (.79/mile per extra mile) with a seven-day minimum rental period (a standby list is available for shorter rentals).


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See this onboarding video, enjoy! https://youtu.be/KjOa7hQz2gs

Rental type:
Self Drive
With a Driver
Display (Photoshoots, Media & Corporate use)
Location: Los Angeles
Body type:
Station Wagon
Transmission: Manual
Listing created Jul 8, 2016